Antibiotics found to have unexpected effects on mitochondria..

This article talks about the tetracycline family of antibiotics having an adverse effect on mitochondria:…

They go further and make the point that it could have an effect on mitochondria in human cells.

I believe doxycycline and minocycline are members of that family. 

This raises a lot of questions, not that I think the answers are anywhere near straigthforward:

1. Does the choice of antibiotics have any effect on the speed of recovery? 

2. Are there cases where energy levels are negatively effected, or recovery seemingly slower due to the specific antibiotics selected - where the apparent negative effects perhaps masking the real underlying progress?

3. If the tetracycline family of antibiotics are the ones to be concerned with - are the alternatives that would have equal efficacy?

4. Is there any absolute maxium number of months or years of treatment (not directly related to tetracycline to be sure) - - after which it's a good bet that the underlying germs have to have been killed - and where going off of at least the tetracycline family of antibiotics might actually then speed recovery?

Again, I am certain I don't know the answers to those questions.  I'm wondering if anyone in the medical community actually would know given the above research is new.

Of course, my very best wishes for as smooth, fast and complete a recovery as possible for all of the cpn warriors on this forum!

Tom C