antibiotics effectiveness on feet?


I have a friend who has been on the CAPi for 3 years. they have religously pulsed etc. they are in a wheel chair & hence do not/cannot get their legs moving very well. they tried rubbing some curcumin oil (tetra hydra curcumin) into their feet. the effect was:

-less pain in the feet

-a feeling of hotness in their feet

-a significant herx for the next few days

So this makes me wonder. if a low dose of curcumin is giving a herx does this mean that the abxi have not been very effective in their feet?

Do the antibiotics need lymph/blood circulation to get to all parts of the body? Hence the less you use a limb, the less the abxi get there & the more CPNi you have?

it is quite interesting...

any ideas let me know!


any results from laboratories? post here. i would to see it... its hard to help if we dont know nothing about patient

leg= what part of legs?

slovakia, You're responding to a post that's nine months old.  Maybe it's best to ask if mlandstra's friend still needs a response. Cool

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