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could anybody please give me a list of doctors who will prescribe the 3 antiI biotic for the treatment

i live in Berkshire in England and my Dr will not prescribe 

While we have no list, per se, watch your private messages.  Perhaps someone local will be able to give you a name. 

As always, everyone, please do not post doctor info on the public board unless you have the doctor's permission to do so.  Thanks!

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Hi my friend!

A question that people often dislike is “Why?”  Not why do you want to be well; that is obvious. What I mean is why a doctor.

To many like MacK and anyone in North America, that is a dumb question.  In that part of the world, along with many other parts of the world, you must have a valid doctor’s prescription to obtain and possess prescription medication. Sadly, that is how it is in those jurisdictions.  Happily for you, you are not in a jurisdiction with draconian or restrictive laws in that respect.

There are many people on this site from the same country as you. I only know of one current (lucky) poster that had their meds prescribed by an NHS doctor on the NHS. That is an example of the exception that proves the rule. And what is the rule?  In your country, the diktat issued by NICE and the Department of Health is “Thou shalt not prescribe antibiotics to anyone still breathing or who has detectable heartbeat!” … or Dame Sally Davies will cut bits from the anatomy of errant prescribers.

Yes, I could send you a private message suggesting a doctor that could prescribe the antibiotics that you need privately (not on the NHS).  I also suggest that that doctor would not really understand the treatment and would not be able to give you the guidance that you really need. I suggest that you would be far better advised to seek a suitable means of purchasing the antibiotics that you need directly. Yes, in the UK, that is entirely legal.

So, what would you prefer, a private message from me telling you how to just go and buy the antibiotics directly … or would you like the contact details of a doctor that may prescribe this stuff (if you really insist) but does not really have the knowledge or conviction to implement this treatment?

By the way, this is no quick route to wellness. If it does work for you, I doubt if it’ll be a quickie. If you are looking for solutions that promise rapid results, Faith Healing / Spiritualist Healing certainly offer more promise.

I look forward to reading your response and of being of future assistance to you.

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