Another Interesting Observation

Submitted by raven on Sun, 2010-06-06 19:36

Have been taking Interphase Plus for about 10 days now. (I take 2 capsules on an empty stomach) It has had some pretty significant effects. My bodytemp has gone up and I feel like I need less T3. (I sweat for a while after taking T3 in the morning--no heart symptoms though.) Then later in the day I get the chills.

Today I had a major dieoff attack--headache, sore eyes, chills,headringing, sore muscles--and I am not even pulsing.The right side of my head (that has always bothered me) feels tight and stiff. I did work out the last two days doing a mile and a half on the treadmill and some yoga. Maybe this has also helped stir things up. I was planning to start a pulse on Monday but think I may wait a bit until this passes.


Raven, I find it amazing you are able to tolerate 2 capsules daily... but then, I believe our reactions to this product are determined by what each of us individually are (knowingly or unknowingly)  harboring.  Obviously, it's proving after several years on CAP you, too, are stirring up some new beasts!

Are you continuing the Lauricidin along with this?

Thanks for posting your reaction.


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Yes, but I cut back to two scoops of Lauricidin after taking 3 for about 7 months. I am trying to hammer the pathogens on every front I can find. Sometimes I hit the mark and have to pay the price. But I just keep on going because there is no alternative.

I have a big tub of chorella powder and took a heaping tablespoon of it this afternoon and it really seemed to help.

Have to remember to take it.


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