27 Apr 2018

Another Great Video - Dose-Response of Vitamin D and a Mechanism for Cancer Prevention, by Cedric Garland, PhD of UCSD


 Here's another great, although somewhat dry, video on Vitamin D and cancer.   Pay particular attention to the discussion on the potential involvement of Tight Junctions and Adherins in cancer development and progression starting @ minute 20:00.  Very interesting...



Great video!  The information summarized in it should be reviewed by every ID doctor and Oncologist on the planet, let alone all other doctors.  This is something they should teach children from an early age about.  In fact, I do remember learning about vitamin D when I was a kid but it never was made a health issue important enough to keep in mind or pay attention to.  It should have been.

I know a few people who might want to watch the video.  I know some others who I doubt would want to watch it; however, if they so happened to see it and I didn't happen so say anything about it, maybe they'll find some benefit from seeing it.  It's a new approach I call Stealth Help!  I will inflict Stealth Help! lol

Thanks again for bringing this to us and helping us learn.  It is appreciated!

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This was a good one Red. It seems like I know so many friends and family of friends who are not that old being diagnosed with cancer.They think I'm a broken record--always talking about D. When are our health care people going to wake up and get it? Actually a few are. The orthopedic guy I see now has his own line of supplements that contain vitamin D for bone health. He has jumped on the bandwagon for profit.

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