Another Crash

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2012-03-14 23:17

Hi All

I have doing better after a year of pulsing but I still crash and when I do I am down 

It's frustrating because my uncle who is almost 70 works almost every day and then rides his bike an averrage of 100 miles a week and he has no trouble going to sleep

When he exercises hard he is energized when I do I am spent

I am so enraged about my limitations

Wish there was something more I could do about this illness


Keep your uncle always in your mind (my salute to him).  You seem to have good genes in your background, and you may well recover to take advantage of them.  Yes, you have this stupid disease, and yes, you have a long way to go, but you are obviously doing what you need to do.  And, finally, it is very frustrating sometimes to be "us".  Keep doing it.  You know the alternative is slow oblivion.


3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

It is still frustrating to crash

I AM doing much better than before

I just wish I knew exactly a "crash" is

If I knew I would be able to minimize it

It is not just being tired it's "bone tired" and it takes days to recover


DAILY:  NAC 2400MG , DHEA sublingual , vit D3 , multi vits,./ Three times  a week: B12 injections (Hydroxycobalamin). Deer antler./  Once every few months methyl B12 Methyl injections

Homina~  I replied yesterday (or so I thought) and I don't see my post, so I will try again.  

I'm sorry for your frustrations.  I can relate.  My family is on a ski vacation and I am home since I cannot ski due to my CFS.   They are always moutain biking, hiking, backpacking, skiing....doing the things I used to be able to do and loved to do, but now I can't do them.   

I try not to be upset about what I can't do for it only makes me feel worse.   Instead I try to focus on what I can do.  I've gotten well enough to take a Spanish class, which I really enjoy and I resumed Toastmaster's.  I'm also working on my second book.  

You and I are both seeking to improve our health by learning about it and trying to treat it the best way we can with antimicrobials, supplements and with our doctor's support.   That's admirable.  

Don't beat yourself up about your illness but encourage yourself that you are courageously facing a very difficult situation.  Be kind to is important to do that during difficult times.

Best, Timaca

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