Ha anyone heard of or have any experience with Ampligen. I was doing some reading on it and it sounds beneficial

I have heard of Ampligen.  It is not available in the US yet, but has been in Canada and other countries for years.  There have been mixed review on it's effects on CFs and viruses.  I have been wanting to try it.  I do know that a number of US doctors have done clinical trials on the drug.
CFS (EBV, HHV-6, CMV, Coxsackie), Reactive Arthritis; mycoplasma hominis, toxoplasmosis, lyme negative, babesia equivocal. Minocin, zithromax, tindamax, mepron, lariam, bromelain, probiotics, ALA, apple pectin, etc.  IV clindamycin `1200 mg. seven days/mo

Welcome Nspiker, I see that you have had CFS for about 12 years and I would like to hear more about your story.  Would you be willing to start a personal blog, as it would be off topic to have this discussion here.

I also see that you are on Minocycline since May 09 and started with augmentin but are now on Ceftin as part of your combination of abx.

Not much talk here about Ceftin.  I took it in the early 90's for several weeks and it was amazing for my sinuses.  Have not had any sinus related issues since. 

On topic Lee, I know nothing about Ampligen would have to look it up and I may.  Sure would like to hear you blog about what is up for you now sometime.   Hope you are holding steady, sometimes holding steady is really good.    my best to you, Louise  

here's a link about a recent application for US approval I have not read it.   US is slow to approve things that are not USpatents, no us drug makers to make big profits perhaps so no lobby to support it's acceptance. 

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