air gasping? what could be the cause?

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I have had trouble sleeping sometimes due to some strange air gasping symptom. At first I thoght it was anxiety but find that I feel like my breathing is out of whack. Not sure if this makes any sence, but could anemia be a possible cause?

My ferritin level has been as low as 13 and my skin looks so pale.  I was reading that a low thyroid could also cause this symptom. The thyroid test keeps in the normal range so, what to do now?


I hate this.......


it might be die off in your chest area. I got that also when I first upped my azithro dosage. Try magnesium and your moppers.

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"Air hunger" is a symptom of babesiosis, a tick borne illness.

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It can also be a sign of porphyria.

Best Wishes, Maria

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What is air hunger and what is prophyria?


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My first thought was have you been tested for Babesia yet?   Louise
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Hi Bonnie.I suffered the same for a week or two and it seemed to clear up when i worked on my prophyria symptoms.I thought at the time i was getting a lung infection or something.Best wishes.

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Bonnie, I just recieved a book order from Amazon, one of the books is Healing Lyme author Stehpen Harrod Buhner.  Babesia is listed under the chapter Treating Lyme coinfections.   Whant I found interesting beyond that it is a Protozoal parasite is the paroagraph suggesting capillary blockage and vicrovasuclar stasis that can occure as a result of red blood-cell fragments clogging the system.

The topic also suggest that babesiosis is now considered an emerging disease in the US and is recognized to be endemic in a numberof areas, it has a tendency to coinfection in Lyme disease and it suggests that the antibiouts normally used for lyme spirochetes are generally not effective against it.   Sympotms include vage sense of imbalance, headache,fatigue, anoriexia , muscle and joint pain, feelings of chest compression, shortness of breat, chills/fever, nausea, malaise, and drenching sweats, a cough is sometime present, occuring with Lyme symptoms are more acute and severe .........

Just a thought to check out with your wonderful MD.   Reading this I though of your circulatory problems as well as the air hunger situation.


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Louise, thanks for the information. It is very frustrating because I  am seeing a lyme doctor and was tested  for lyme in the beginning. This could be very helpful in my quest for better treatment.

I wanted to ask you if you are on a special diet. My stomach has not wanted to handle much of anything lately and I am loosing wait and energy.

You are so helpful to so many, Louise.



I plan on learning more about this.

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I used to get that due to overexertion,even before I started the protocol.  If I tried to do too much, sometime in the next 24-48 hours I'd have that gasping. I must say, I don't miss it.

I found that getting horizontal, and getting really warm (electric blanket on "Stun") would cut the episode short better than anything else.



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