Hi all,

First of all I want to say that I'm very happy to have found this site and the knowledge about CAP to treat Chlamydia pn which is very insightful for what I have (Chlaymydia-induced Reactive Arthritis). I know this is a forum for cpn but this is the most resourceful thing that is closest to Ctr that i can find online.

Here is my story: I've had Reactive Arthritis caused by chlamydia for 3 month. Doc gave me Azithromycin to treat chlamydia but it already made its way to my joints and is causing incredible pain for months. My rheumatologist doc didn't mention any treatment for my joint, and instead is prescribing Methotrexate, which I don't want to start just yet. After doing research, I've come across this site and the protocols (Wheldon Protocol and Sriram Protocol) which looks promising. Also, I've found a trial from Dr Carter for a Azithromycin + Rifampin which seems to remission Ctr-induced ReA. I've searched through the forum and found a few posts regarding CiReA but seems like there are a lot of back and forth about the validity of Carter's approach:

I am a bit lost as to what to do here:

- Carter's trial is only 6 months long, should I follow his protocol? Has anyone know anyone that has gone thru this protocal?

- It seems like  Sriram Protocol is the closest to Carter's approach, does that mean Sriram Protocol can be used in my case?

- When you go on a protocol, how long do you have to stick with it, or it is a life time treatment? If so, wouldn't taking so much anti-biotic hurt ur liver and overall health?

- When herxing, how bad is it? I've only gone thru my first flare, which I thought my leg was literally broken and swelled to a baloon.

I am a n00b just beginning to learn all the lingos and knowledge about CAP. And thank in advance for your help!

I'm no longer in touch with my friend who used Wheldon's protocol for her arthritis, so I can't refer to specifics.  What I recall is, she was on the heaviest dose possible for her arthritis, insurance was paying two thousand a month for medication she would need 'forever', so she tried the WHeldon version and began tapering off her arthritis meds.  She took the abx for a little over a year and stopped ordering the arthritis meds.  The medical supplier argued with her that she could not survive without the arthritis meds.  She fought with them and began refusing deliveries. The woman was nearing mandatory disability at work, then became her normal self again after abx.

As best I know, five years later, she was still off all medications.  She didn't go back on antibiotics after that first round of a year or so.  She didn't need or want the arthritis meds again.  

I think some of our members here have come after reading about antibiotics on the Road Back site, so maybe someone will jump in here soon.

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