27 Apr 2018

Advair for lungs..


Will taking this interfere with my treatment..?  My lungs get so tight and congested from the bacteria.  When I cough up phlem my syptoms are sometimes non existent.  Doc also wants me to take oregano oil caps for this.thanks


Lung congestion, sinus congestion, and chronic shortness of breath/inability to breathe deeply or easily are the symptoms that kicked off this experience with CFIDS for me.  Most of the other symptoms like anxiety and insomnia, fatigue, brain fade, etc.  followed pretty quickly.  After six months or so of pretty pointless visits to physicians, one of them finally suggested Pulmicort (inhaled steroid) and Singulaire (leukotrine inhibitor).   All I can tell you is that they have worked to significantly improve my lungs.                       

I share your concerns about steroid use in general, and I try to maintain on the lowest dose I can,but breathing is so fundamental to your being that I finally decided to use these because I couldn't find anything else that worked.  I've been hoping that  the antibiotic protocols  will  somehow free  me of this, but it's  probably too early to tell  in my case.   In theory,  the ABX  should still work.  If you are taking Melatonin to restore normal sleep patterns, I have noticed that it seems to make the Pulmicort less effective for me.  I've been taking a very small dose Melatonin  (about a fifth of a 3 mg tablet) rather than a whole one for that reason.  Seems to work about as well (which is not very but sort of).

My understanding is that  Advair works about the same way, different product that combines a steroid and a bronchdilator in one inhaler.  All I ever experienced with bronchodilaors (like albuterol) was increased anxiety and insomnia,never really seemed to clear my lungs much.  So you might want to try a steroid alone if you experience similar problems with Advair.  Wish I had a better answer.


Yours most respectfully,

Michael Larmer

I took steroidal inhalation for years but now I am getting relief with singular and Atrovent-nebulized. It is a pain as it is not as convenient as a quick inhaler but it is working for me.