27 Apr 2018

Activated charcoal and book by Dr Steven Rochliltz


Hi all I have had CFS since the age of 10, and got dianosed in 2004 with Rickettsia, Mycoplasma and CPN by Dr Jardin.Did her antibiotic prococol for a few months, which consisted of doing one week a month of high dose antibiotics (mainly tetracyclines, but also macrolides etc).  Had severe die-off reactions during every pulse, then started feeling better again towards the end of the week, and then relapsed again over the next three weeks until it was time for the next pulse.


Kikkie, Welcome and please start your blog pages with your background and your treatments past, present and future which may be of help to some folks here.  Blogs are easier to keep track of and people can follow your progress and treatments which I have always found helpful during treatment.I treated porphyria and lipophylic endotoxins with Cholestyramine.   I could never get enough activated charcoal into myself to help me.   I may be unusual but I was adverse to the charcoal in such large amounts probably because Doxy was so hard on my stomach and nausea was frequently present.   Charcoal works well for many here when they take it in large amounts several times a day. Good luck and keep us up to date with your treatments.   Louise

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