27 Apr 2018



Has anyone tried the Byron White formula for CPN?  I will be starting on this soon.


kimomile, I think this has been discussed here, but can't remember what the concensus was.  And I honestly don't have a clue what a Byron White formula is, so I can't offer an opinion.

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Byron white formulas are really strong herbal tinctures targeted to the many different microbes like Lyme, Bart, bab, etc. There has been a lot of discussion on other forums about their uses in treating Lyme.  I wondered if anyone had experience using the one targeted for CPN. 

CPN positive, secondary porphyria borderline positive, anaplasma positive, candida positive, Lyme test negative, but positive bands.High blood pressure avg 150/95, chronic fatigue, brain fog, stomach distress, anxiety, memory issues.