27 Apr 2018

Acai fruit smoothies pack a nutritional punch


There's a Southern California company that distributes Acai berry pulp in the form of frozen smoothie packs, dried powder and bottled drinks. I've been using some of the Acai juice mixed with plain kiefer as an afternoon pick me up. It is incredibly delicious! I also found the frozen pulp that can be mixed with smoothies in the blender. The acai berry has a higher level of antioxidants than blueberries and also Omega fatty acids. It tastes like a cross between berries and chocolate.


Ah, Raven, just what I need, something that
tastes like a cross between berries and chocolate.  I even managed to find
somewhere that it can be bought in the UK:
Pulpa: the Brazilian
Fruit Company

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Hey, Sarah! The frozen pulp is great for smoothies. If you like it sweet, add some honey or agave nectar. I know you stay away from bananas--that's what I usually use to sweeten it.
Glad you found a local source. It's really good stuff and helps the native people economically(and preserves the rainforest).
BTW, I framed your print and hung it in the dining room next to a window where you can see a huge melaleuca (eucalyptus) tree outside. Truly a magical image--reminds me of you whenever I walk through the room. Many thanks!


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