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Zdenicka, as you will see, is a spirited, passionate and stubborn young woman. Her story is very heartening to read, and she holds nothing back in speaking of the trials of dealing with standardized medical treatment with a non-standard condition and protocol. Fortunately, her father Coufal was an early member here and started the Czech version of Cpnhelp, so she had an avenue to find her own help. I've left her very thorough description as she has written it, an amazing job for a non-native English speaker, so that I don't sully the pure charm in her rendition. (Jim K, Editor)

Feelings after 2 years on Weldon’s protocol
Dear “friends”. I am sitting in a train, drinking a good green tea from my thermo pot and writing my story for you, to support you in your bad or maybe even the worst times in your life. I am listening to nice calm music from my headphones and feeling sad and happy in the same time .... I feel like going to cry, when thinking of my past, watching the country through the window.

My diagnosis was chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic glandular fever (kissing disease) and Epstein-Barr virus. A few years later I made a small cheat on my doctor and ticked off a column of cHSP60 in a laboratory application form. It was extremely high + 4,8. But nevertheless, according to my immune specialist, „I was absolutely healthy man” and this was „just some discrepancy“, because of the values of Chlamydia antibodies IgA, IgG and IgM, which were boundary ….. so according to my immune specialist „that meant that I was healthy“, even I felt like I was a 80 years old man who was working really hard all of his life and did not sleep for many days.

The „treatment“ was about giving me injections to support my immune system, Isoprinosine etc. Sometimes, I felt better for a while, but later than the worse times were coming more often …. Anyway, I was curious why I was always feeling better when I was on antibiotics. My condition was better for a few days/weeks but then … it was worse than before the antibiotics treatment. Nowadays, I know the answer ….. That was because of the Chlamydia infection. I remember very well my condition when I was in the Netherlands for an educational stay. I had antibiotics with me from my Czech family doctor as a precaution in case of having complaints there. I used them against angina pectoris and my condition was really bad a few weeks later. Later then I became even sicker. I did not recover from the angina and from one day to another day I had a very bad urethritis (interstitial cystitis). That was one of my bad times. I was not even able to visit an emergency, so painful it was and so weak was I. In general, I was always sick even from my childhood. When I was a teenager, my body temperature was still around 35,7 and my doctor told me that it was normal at this age. Later than, I had always fever (from 37 to 37,5) and doctors thought that “it was nothing serious” ..... To be still sick and feel sick was normal according to the doctors. I knew there was something wrong but I still trusted to my doctors ... what I could do more in my age ..... but it was just wasting of time.

I argued with my immune specialist MUDr. Naděžda Švideková, at a famous big Prague hospital, which is known as one of the best in the Czech Republic.... I was angry that it was not really normal to feel like I was dying every day and was not able to climb up a few stairs or run a few metres to catch the bus... or when I was standing for a while I fainted. I was really not a young lady, I was a human wreck. I could not do anything, I could only sleep. No, even sleeping was a big problem for me; I was waking up because of the pains. Would you like to know my immune specialist’s answer? Really? Well. She recommended me to prepare myself on “being in disability pension” ... and recommended me to stop my university studies. According to her I was only torturing myself,..... And what more .... she was pretty sure I would not be able to finish my studies successfully .... because of my “incurable condition”. And the last “pearl at the end” of our appointment was that “even in disability pension is really possible to live a very nice full featured life” .... Oh My God, I was only 22 years old, when I got these recommendations from “my doctor, whom I trust to”. Other of many of my “nice” experiences with doctors was in another big hospital, at infection department. I came there to having done test for Chlamydia. An old doctor sent me to a mental specialist even she did not know me .... only after a few minutes in the surgery. According to her I was a mad person, who made up everything.... She was looking through the window and did not look at me..... She turned to me just after a few seconds of my speech and told me her viewpoint. And what more...... she was familiar only with the Chlamydia trachomatis, as almost every doctor, so she was looking at me as I would be a prostitute. “Some Chlamydophyla pneumonia was something strange what they have heard for the first time about from me. No comment ... there is no place to comment it, I can say. Even I had plenty of medical reports from emergencies because of my collapsing. Doctors did not care about my jumping heart pulse ...... doctors had always the answer ..... “There is no need to be worry that is normal. You study at university.... so that is really a strong stress ..... when we were students, we were also under such a pressure and were having complaints.” Once my problems were because of ”the exam period”, once because of “the late shock after exam period” ...... they always had the answer.

What seems funny nowadays to me is an advice from my father’s schoolmate, who is a good orthopaedist. He advised me, when I was 21 years old and studying the first year of university, that „I should have a baby“ .... He was sure that it would solve all my complaints that it was because of some hormones. I thought he drove himself insane ... That was an advice from my father’s good friend ....who was a doctor. Is not it „funny“? I think that it is rather to cry. Stupidity rules the world.
Doctors were set against „reading nonsense from the Internet“, when I was referring to many stories and facts from and new scientific research studies for example at the University of Vanderbilt. They usually recommended me to visit a mental specialist and start using medical pills against depression. That is a new world’s trend among doctors how to “treat” patients, I guess. “Having subjective symptoms? Use these pills, it will calm you down. You will not watch yourself so much ….”

Doctors argue: “That was not written in the books we had at university when we were students, so Chlamydia cannot cause your complaints that is only your subjective feelings!!!” Usually the patient has the feeling that the doctor wants to say “I am the doctor, I know everything, you do not understand anything, I have the diploma, I know everything, so shut up and do what I recommend to you!” My immune specialist told me once that I was only a student of agriculture so how could I advice her how she should treat me. This was the “last drop” for me.

So and now something about my start of CAP treatment and my feelings during the CAP:
It took me around one year to have feelings or to be sure that CAP “is working”. When my father came with the fact I had to start CAP, I “was sure he drove himself insane”. I could not understand him .... To use antibiotics for many months or even years? Oh My God! That must be a stupid unsuccessful joke! But I did not have any other opening. My father told me about Sarah, Jim K. ..... but anyway I still could not believe it.... But after such experiences with doctors I told previously, I decided to “try it”. That time I was sure I did not have much time in front of me ..... I would once collapse and would not “wake up” .... my heart was really weak, it could not stand it for a long time, I am pretty sure with that.

The “moment” I decided to start CAP was one day I collapsed in the underground station when the train was coming into the station. I was falling down directly under the coming train. If there would not be one man and would not catch me .... I do not remember that. I remember only when the train was approaching and I went closer to the rail .... and then only a group of people above me .... I was lying on the floor. They told me that I almost felt under the train, that one man caught me at the really last moment and ripped off me back. That day I really decided I must do something with that by myself, when doctors did not help me. I really did not want to die .... and still do not want!!! I feel to young to die.

I was collapsing very often before the CAP, I can say I do not remember any day to feel well. My heart was still in a strong pain and nobody believed me. “How could you have problems with your heart in your age?” I had painful joints, muscles, head, heart, gallbladder, colon .... all my body was in a big pain .... but the worst was the heart and collapsing. You “can live” with the pain, but you cannot live with collapsing .... My complaints were getting even worse .... still more and more complaints were accumulating like gynaecological complaints, allergic asthma, allergy (plants, animals, mildew, peanuts, dust, pollen, feather and down as well, microbes,.....), dyspnoea, feelings like lack of oxygen, burning pain of thorax, .... the heart pain was worse and worse and “at the end” before the CAP beginning it was even 24 hours a day ... I was really afraid of my life .... I had depressions, fear,.... feeling of hopelessness ... I felt when my heart “stopped” beating for a few hundredth of seconds and then started to beat like against the time ... many times a day ... I really cannot describe my feelings in those times .... It was the worst time in my life. I was always ill (flu, angina pectoris, common cold, infections,....). My brain was “too lazy”, I could not study, I was drifting off, I did not “understand” anything ..... I almost finished unsuccessfully studies at university .... I was really “out of order”. I felt terribly. I could study and work in the same time a few months/years before .... that was over like I was a really old lady. 16 hours of sleep was not enough for me ....

My blood pressure was jumping from 45/55 to 220/190, heart pulse from 45 to 220 per minute ... and collapsing day by day. Doctors did not believe me even I had tons of announcements from emergencies,..... sometimes I really believed I was a fakir and could influence my organs and stop my heart beating and collapse ... Is not it crazy? I really started to believe I was a madman and hypochondriac.

So I started the CAP treatment. Because it was impossible to get antibiotics, I was “happy” to “gain” even one package of some antibiotics from the Wheldon’s Protocol. I started with Doxycyklin. The first month was terrible, I “got terrible flu” ... no, that was not flu, that was dying of Chlamydia. Then I add Azitromycin ....that was even worse. I started to have depressions, fear of death, all the health complaints were worse than before ....I was really afraid and did not know what to do. But I still trusted to CAP to “be working” and being the “right way” for me. I did not stop .... even my body was “screaming” to STOP ... I trusted and fought. Many nights of crying .... loss of sense of life ... but I could not say my feelings to my doctor or someone else. I did not have any other way and I did not want to die (I am sure I would die without CAP) ... so I pretended to be optimistic, feeling better,... Then some days of “good feelings” appeared and gave me optimistic mood, but immediately after that the worse times came back ......But something inside of my body .... something like instinct whispered me to being on the right way ... My instinct did not disappoint me.
One year later, there was something like a magic turn .... many problems disappeared, I felt very well like a healthy man ... so I continued with the CAP ... and I felt less of complaints month by month. I could study again for my exams, my brain was “fresh” again ...

It is 2 years nowadays since my CAP start. I feel very well ... only sometimes some small pain in my heart and tiredness .... but that is also because of my stress I have nowadays (job, last year ath the university,....). I continue according to Stratton.... hope it will not be necessary for more than one year. We will see.
Nowadays (March, 2008), I feel even better than when I was writing this story. I am finishing university, so I have to make pause with pulses, which made me terribly tired. When I am graduated (in 2 months), I will continue with pulses for a year. I cannot believe that I thought I was healthy when I was a teenager. I have never felt so free and well as I do now.

So, I would like to STRONGLY EXPRESS MY THANKS TO JIM K., SARAH, DRS. WHELDON AND STRATTON. Without these people I would not be so happy (maybe I would not be alive)..... And of course, I have to say "thank you" to my father. He was the man who found this website and decided to try CAP.
List of my previous difficulties which have „dissapeared“ on 2 years of CAP

  • herpes virus
  • condylomata accuminata
  • mycosis
  • acroceratosis/tetter
  • sight setback
  • trichismus, hair and nail fray
  • white nail spots
  • painful muscles, bones and joint
  • head aches
  • painful teeth, very sensitive enamel
  • abnormally sensitive skin
  • bad wound healing
  • Sun allergy
  • pollen allergy
  • furry animals allergy
  • feathers and dust allergy
  • fungi allergy
  • metal allergy
  • asthma
  • painful heart
  • arrhythmia
  • "jumping" heart pulse and blood pressure
  • fainting
  • feeling like going to faint
  • physical and mental exhaustion (I could not step up even 3 stairs only)
  • terrible tiredness (even 16 hours of sleep was not enough)
  • feeling like having lack of oxygen
  • feeling like having something really heavy on my chest
  • lungs burn
  • infancy of disseminated sclerosis
  • stammering, I could not finish my thoughts, I simply forgot some words and could not control myself
  • really terrible memory
  • forgetting of even simple things
  • brain smog
  • feeling of "falling of small stars/snow flakes in front of me"
  • something like small "transparent" worms swimming in my eyes
  • fever, feeling like having a cold
  • fever of 37,2 Celsius degree
  • joints tingle
  • feeling like everything is running from me (PC on my table, books,...)
  • bile stone
  • pain of colon area
  • painful sex and then a few hours of pain
  • very often a tooth decay
  • depression, still fear of "something", feeling of helplessness, aggressiveness
  • being ill very often
  • permanent sore throat (for many years)
  • sometimes arms paralysis
  • joint distortion (knees, hip, shoulder)
  • feeling of vacuum in front of me, like no anchorage in front of me (like being still drunk)
  • stamping over
  • "fat"/swollen face and body (legs especially)
  • "wet", red and painful eyes, still "tired" eyes
  • pale skin
  • stomach complaints (pain like having sores)
  • still having "blocked" vertebras
  • pins and needles
  • sticking in all of my body
  • painful heels
  • still being tired of everything
  • "twitch" in eyes
  • permanent urinary tract infection
  • painful lump in armpit, adenoids,......
  • painful pustule behind ears
  • swollen vulva lips
  • fetid fluor albus
  • yellow-white fur of tongue (Candida?)
  • feeling of having "something" in throat
  • algospasmus
  • pain in legs when sitting
  • swollen and tough fingers and feet
  • sweating
  • pain in spleen area
  • lack of sexual libido
  • pain in navel area
  • "fizzing" and "cracking" in my head
  • ovary cyst
  • permanent need of having something sweet (biscuits, chocolate,....)
  • painful period

Nowadays still on CAP, but for a few months without pulses because of my school. Pulses make me terribly tired...... When I am graduated, I will continue for a year full CAP (Stratton) and then I will see ....... hope without any reactions.