A delicate balancing act

Submitted by robertd on Sat, 2007-09-01 16:34

Well I've now graduated to the full protocol. It's been six weeks and I can report no really unpleasant effects except depression, which has occurred after the abx.

I think I've had a reasonable experience so far because I'm trying to take things steadily and increase things gradually. Something I have discovered is that it takes me a week to tolerate each step.

I've been prompted to write this entry because of what to me is a significant step. I have only been taking the abx for 2 wks and already there has been a decrease in the major spasms in my right leg, my overall pain has decreased and my floppy right foot has stopped flapping like a seal's flipper all the time, it now rolls as I walk, at least until I tire.

However the thing that made me feel really good was the balancing act. I test myself often (I'm sure we all do in various ways) by trying to balance on each foot in turn. Usually I fall staight off the right. The left has not been too bad and I can balance on it normally but this morning I balanced on my right. I'm impressed.

So now it's just keep on keeping on.

Good Job Robert, excellent

The Azith causes or exascerbates depression; you are not alone there.  When I see my doc next time I am going to switch over to Roxy to see if that makes a difference.

My experience so far while being on the CAP is at one point I was feeling pretty good, pain levels down & I knew I wanted to do my first pulse.  The iddy biddy pulse knocked me flat & I turned into the awful Troll Queen with my depression.  I am slowly recovering, but as soon as I take an Azith my demeanour changes.

Keep going, blessings


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How I remember the thrill of doing exactly that! Repeating myself, I say remember this well, because at some point you will probably question whether it really happened. Happy, happy for you!


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Congratulations Robert!  Now, you're on your way to standing on one foot and spinning plates in the air.

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Good for you Robert, just the encouragement you need.   As Rica says remember it well, there may be times in the furture when things are tough and you will need that ray of sunshine to encourage you and keep you going.   It has happened and it is chronicled here, you did not imagine it...

On the other hand you may be one of the lucky ones who keeps improving effortlessly...

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