Submitted by Jim K on Sun, 2006-03-19 14:14

 Two downloadable pdf files are included here for those who want more detail on Cpn and secondary porphyria. 1) This link will download an important and classic article by Dr.'s Stratton & Mitchell called

The Pathogenesis of Systemic Chlamydial Infections: Theoretical Considerations of Host Cell Energy Depletion and Its Metabolic Consequences

 Download   Alternate DownloadIt explains in detail the impact of Cpn cellular parasitism on ATP depletion and on heme synthesis and resulting porphyria.  2) This link will download an excerpt from Stratton & Mitchell's Patent #6,884,784 specifically on the cellular biology of Cpn and porphyria. A succinct and clear explanation for those of us who are biology geeks.

Excerpt from Stratton & Mitchell's Patent #6,884,784 on Cpn & Secondary Porphyria

Download Patent Excerpt