2 Years on CAP Improvement

Submitted by panc on Tue, 2018-03-13 12:01

Two years on CAP and the improvements are becoming more obvious. Before I started the CAP I was fainting and feeling terribly sick almost every few weeks, It's more than a year now since my last fainting and sickness episode. 

Also it's about four months in a row that my heart area feels normal and not swollen or with burning and tearing sensations episodes. The weird and skiped heart beatings are long gone and only a few very minor ones occur very rarely, they are so minor that I literally smile when it hapens, I know how bad it was before.

By no means I feel 100% "cured" but it's definetly a huge improvement, I will continue for at least one more year if not more, I don't want to stop early and risk relapsing.


You make me very happy for you.  You are doing what this takes and it is definitely not for wimps or sissies.  And I ask if you always (two twice a day) take your NAC"  I believe this to be a lifesaver with the many, many supplements along with the abx.

Again, congratulations!  Stay with it.  I believe the improvements will continue.


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Hey Panc!

Fantastic news! And, knowing Your journey, so far, has had tricky momenrs, gives hope to everyone here, so, thank you for that! Long may improvement continue, for you, and all of us!


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Hey ...


I've been scratching my head so much after reading about you not being able to delete my duplicate post without deleting the previous post, I've gone and scratched a bald patch. Have you been snorting the coffee again MacK?



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Hey Rica ...


I am one of those wimps and sissies and still managed to do the protocol despite that ... and in spite of my ongoing pregnancy too.


I will though, join you in congratulating our friend Panc on that wonderful achievement of making such progress. I'll cheer anyone on that can make it back to good health.


Well done Panc!


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

>And I ask if you always (two twice a day) take your NACi"  I believe this to be a lifesaver with the many, many supplementsi along with the abxi.

Indeed, although I took a break from NAC at some point, it gave me the impresion that it increased the swelling feeling in my chest, now it's about 6 months that I'm back to a lower dosage of 600mg twice per day, starting from yesterday I increased back to 1200mg twice per day and see how it goes... 

Apologies for my communication skills I'm really strugling to find the proper words.Embarassed

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