“Life cycle of c pneumonia”

The past few days I increased the NACi. I’m now at 1800 mg. Yesterday and today my arm nerves - ulnar and radial seem enflamed. My arms feel heavy and when I try to lift anything I am getting shooting pain and my arms and hands feel exhausted (although my energy is improving daily). This is normal right?

Also, tonight I was reading about the c pneumonia life cycle and read this: Early phenomena: local mass oligodendrocytei death and secondary demyelinationi. This is the sudden stripping away of the insulation of the nerve-fibers in the classical MS relapse. It is reversible, but recovery depends on the replacement of oligodendrocytes, the cells which produce and sustain myelin. Damage to the nerve fibres occurs even in early disease, but becomes more severe with time.

how are oligodendrocytes replaced?

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